Electric Ironmaking Furnace
Smelting Reduction Electric Ironmaking Furnace

  Smelting Reduction Electric Ironmaking Furnace (hereafter refer to as SREIF) is a new type of non-blast furnace ironmaking equipment. It adopts hot (cold) metalized pellets (DRI) or metal slag as raw material with electricity and coal as the thermodynamic conditions & reducing condition to produce molten iron of high purity.
  SREIF combined with coal-based (gas-based) metal pellets (DRI) production equipments like rotary hearth furnace, shaft furnace and rotary kiln etc. to form a modern non-blast furnace
ironmaking process.
  Furnace material for SREIF can be partially or fully (100%) normal metalized pellets of full iron content (TFe)≥70% produced from poor iron ore resources, which is rich in our country.
  SREIF-smelting reduction iron-making furnace differs from smelting type of submerged arc furnace heated by resistance electric arc. It adopts electric arc smelting principle of heating by electric arc and visible arc, but differs from normal steelmaking electric arc furnace. The innovative technology and know-how in smelting material, finished products, furnace body structure, temperature holding, storage and transportation type of smelting material, reduction agent, observation monitor device of furnace lining and smelting bath has solved the critical process and technique of smelting for metalized pellets, which will be a breakthrough in the technology of non-blast furnace iron-making in our country.

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