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EAF-50t is Put Into Operation Successfully
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TYMEC contracts EAF-50t for the steelmaking energy-saving environmental friendly reformation project for one subsidiary of Wugang Group. At 10:26 am on September 12, 2019, the employer leaders and representatives at site witness the successful hot commissioning of EAF-50t on site. It indicates the reformation project with value of around 283 USD comes to the successful end.

Since there are many problems, such as great heat loss of each charging, large noise and heavy dust occur during the operation of the old EAF, so that it is difficult to meet the environmental friendly requirement. And in order to response to the call of environmental friendly policy in China, the subsidiary entrusts TYMEC to reconstruct many components to the equipment. After efforts for three months, TYMEC provides the employer a satisfactory result, i.e. the operation of the company meet the environmental friendly standard requirement as well as production of various steel grades.
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