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Xi’an Taoyuan Metallurgical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. (TYMEC) is a private high-tech corporation,specially engaging in research, development and manufacturing for steelmaking equipment of electric arc furnace and ladle refining furnace . The corporation was founded in the 1980s in high-tech industrial development zone of Xi’an with RMB 50 million yuan registered capital.
Certificate of “The first batch of the high-tech enterprises” was issued to TYMEC by Shaanxi Municipal Science and Technology Commission in 2008;  In 2010, TYMEC has been awarded the title of “Technical Center of Electrical Furnace ” by Xi’an City authority.
Headquarter of TYMEC is located on 17F, Tangyan International Center (building), No. 3 of Tangyan Rd, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Xi’an, where functions as the management center as well as technology research and development base. TYMEC has occupied a 20,000 Sq. meter floor and equipped with advanced production equipment, which provides good conditions for product manufacturing, assembly and testing.
TYMEC has a technical team of more than 180 people with rich experience and operation skill, of which the 45 engineers are engaging in the design of mechanical and electrical equipment, metallurgy process , automatic control and computer software etc with our own research & development and independent innovation,  And now, TYMEC has the capability to design and supply complete large, various high-tech metallurgical equipment and auxiliary equipment.
ISO9001 QC Certificate was obtained in 2004 and CE Certificate obtained in March 2006.  TYMEC electric furnace product has successfully entered into European market.
TYMEC has won 15 National patents of CHINA of invention and application technique, e.g. Scrap preheating system for Electric arc furnace etc.
The main product of TYMEC contains electric arc furnace for steelmaking, ladle refining furnace, smelting reduction electric ironmaking furnace, complete new-type scrap preheating equipment and their auxiliary devices.
TYMEC scrap preheating equipment is a product developed rely on our own know-how and has obtained national invention patent.
Considering of the practical conditions for coal and iron ore resources in China, it is urgent to develop non-blast furnace ironmaking process.. We independently developed SREIF- smelting reduction electric ironmaking furnace and so  realized the key process and technology required.
Since many years, TYMEC has provided steelmaking electric arc furnaces and ladle refining furnace with different specifications for domestic iron and steel firms over 300 sets, which plays an active role for the development of electric furnace steelmaking and liquid steel refining as well as the converter steelmaking.
Along with the deep development in domestic market, TYMEC has gradually entered and gained recognition in international market with its EAF and LF successfully exported to Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Iran, Vietnam, etc. as well as Taiwan region.
Further improvements in technology advancement, structure reasonability and quality safety and reliability due to a wide range of technical cooperation with German SMS SIEMAG etc have made TYMEC products more strong competitive force both in domestic and international markets
Taking the "meet the needs of users” as the guiding principle for our all business activities, TYMEC shall further play the superiority of talents and technology and follow abreast with the latest achievements in science and technology to provide an advanced steelmaking equipment in wide scope to domestic and international market.


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